5 Benefits of Professional Vehicle Wrapping

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Blog

If you’re looking for significant marketing results on a limited budget, van wrapping delivers. But van sign writing is more than giving your fleet a premium look with outstanding graphics. As experts in professional vehicle wrapping in Leicester / Loughborough, we’ve taken a look at some of the benefits for your business.


It turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard

TV and radio advertising is effective but expensive. PPC costs quickly mount up. But professional van graphics transform your vehicles into mobile billboards that can advertise your brand for years ahead.

Car wraps have the advantage of being eye-catching and affordable, giving your vehicle instant visibility. If you’re looking for the best RoI from your marketing budget, vinyl wrapping creates thousands of impressions for a one-off cost.

Compare the cost of a car wrap with traditional forms of advertising, and you’ll realise how cost-effective it is. And that’s what makes professional van wrapping a great fit for anything from a Loughborough-based startup to a Leicester restaurant chain.


Protects resale value

Vinyl wraps are highly functional, protecting your cars and vans against everyday wear and tear. Opt for high-performance vinyl, and your wrap will withstand minor scrapes, chips and scratches, leaving the original paint untouched.

As a result, your vehicles will be in brand-new condition, which is highly appealing to potential buyers. When you come to upgrade your fleet, have the wrap professionally removed to reveal the original condition. Then, you could be pleasantly surprised at the resale value.


Builds brand recognition

Building brand recognition depends on recognition and consistency. And our vehicle wraps and graphics are fully customisable so that you can replicate your branding right down to the logo and colour matching.

Every business invests in creating visual assets that are instantly memorable. Our professional designers work with you to recreate every nuance of your branding across your vinyl wrapping, from your company colours to high-definition images.

Browse our gallery for more inspiration, and remember that less is definitely more for memorable branding. But whether you showcase your logo over an entire fleet or a single van, you’ll make it instantly memorable with premium van graphics.


Connects with your target customer

You could be a mobile hairdresser in Leicester or a handyman in Loughborough. Whatever your business, commercial vehicle wraps are an outstanding way to connect with your target customer.

Showcase your contact details, and you’ll keep your business top of mind. Eye-catching van sign writing ensures it’s your number a potential customer calls, whether they need a formal updo or a leaky tap fixed.

And you don’t have to be in traffic to get the message across. Van graphics are also highly effective when you’re parked at the office or in a customer’s driveway. And because vehicle wraps and graphics are the ultimate passive advertising, your customers won’t feel overwhelmed or inconvenienced by your marketing strategy.


Builds trust and confidence

Setting the right tone and messaging is critical in building consumer trust in your business. Professional vehicle wrapping in Leicester and Loughborough is essential to snag awareness and build confidence in your brand.

With well-designed van wrapping, you tell your customers who you are, how to contact you and what to expect from your business. Your branded vehicles demonstrate that your service is trustworthy and reliable, and those local impressions build confidence in your brand. It’s a win-win when you want to convey integrity and professionalism.

To discover how professional vehicle wrapping in Leicester and Loughborough can benefit your business, contact the Ozwraps team today.


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