Consistency: Why your business should print wrap its fleet

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Blog

Deciding whether or not to wrap your fleet rests on way more than your preferred look. There are a number of reasons van wrapping is proven to be a lucrative form of advertising – one that’s overlooked by many businesses. If you’re based in Loughborough or Leicester, Ozwraps is on your doorstep, and not using their vinyl wrapping services could cost you potential revenue. Here’s why.

Affordable advertising

In the typical digital advertising model, you bid on clicks generated from impressions, then pay a charge every time a user clicks on an ad. These charges add up fast.

Advertising through print media can be just as costly. If you’re sending out a big batch of direct mailers, the print and delivery costs aren’t insignificant.

With van wrapping, however, you can rack up tens of thousands of impressions a day. High-quality vinyl wrap will last for several years, making it an incredibly cost-effective medium. Whether your vans are doing a long-distance journey, visiting a local customer or sitting in standstill traffic, you know you’re getting your name out there.

Brand awareness

From your company’s name and slogan to colour scheme and logo, you’ve designed your brand to be attractive and memorable — so you want to give it every chance to thrive.

The more people see your brand, the more likely they’ll remember it. Using multiple vehicles to showcase it is a highly effective way of achieving this recognition. And because of the consistency across the fleet, they’ll remember you as a professional brand, too.

Do you need some inspiration for your van wrapping design? Feel free to browse our gallery to see the types of smart printed vinyl we can produce.

Boosted sales

Now your brand awareness has increased, people are more likely to call on your business when they require a product or service you offer.

Maybe they have a burst pipe, and you’re the first Leicester plumber that comes to mind. Or they need their dog grooming in Loughborough, and they recall your brand. It doesn’t matter what your business offers. With increased brand awareness comes increased revenue.

To make it as easy as possible for prospective customers to reach out, don’t forget to include some form of contact details in your graphic — whether that’s your phone number, social media handle, website, or all of the above.


Durable Protection

Not only will your van graphics last for years, but they’ll also protect your fleet’s vehicle exteriors the whole time. Sun and rain; scuffs and scratches; harsh car washing chemicals — your fleet’s paintwork is constantly at risk of chipping and fading. It may not be the worst damage you can do to a vehicle, but it’s far from ideal. Either you pay for a costly fix, or your fleet instantly looks less professional.

Luckily, vinyl wraps act as a highly effective shield against all kinds of wear and tear, so you won’t have to deal with either!


Professional van wrapping and fleet graphics, from Ozwraps

Professional van wrapping is a complete game changer for all kinds of businesses — so don’t hesitate in finding out what’s in store for yours.

Ozwraps has over two decades of experience in car and van wraps, meaning we always guarantee a job well done. As a leading Leicester and Loughborough vehicle wrapping company, we have the skills needed to create sleek designs that will bring a sense of professionalism and consistency to fleets of all sizes.

To discuss the possibilities and request a quote for your vehicle wrapping, get in touch with our friendly team.

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